Swaptop 6 inch Flat Lap Machine

The SwapTop™ 6″ Flat Lap is the most affordable full-featured flat lap glass polishing set up on the market. Its water cooled system means no messy oil to clean up. Faster RPM motor allows you to quickly polish and finish. Because of its unique low profile design, the SwapTop can be taken anywhere, but it will still pass muster on the workbench at home. Use For Glass a Range of Glass Projects: The SwapTop™ Flat Lap can be used to shape and polish a range of glass projects. Use it to shape and finish flame worked beads, hot glass projects, kiln worked projects and fused glass pieces. 6″ Diamond Disks Includes (4) diamond disks, 2 master laps plus a polishing pad – (1) 170 Grit 6″ Flat Lap,(1) 325 Grit 6″ Flat Lap, (1) 600 Grit 6″ Flat Lap, (1) 1200 Grit 6″ Flat Lap.

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